" Sometimes I feel that this town might be too strong for me, too big, too strange, and it will change me in a way I don't want to be changed. This town could break me. Well, it doesn't have to, it also could help me to grow. How can I judge the chances ? Well, who can ? Mixed emotions. I love Paris. I love its gardens, its mixture of people, its squares, the river, I love that sense for pleasure and fun, the different cultures that meet here, I love the ever present history in a modern town, I love its sun and its sky and just to sit down somewhere at a fountain and listen to the falling drops. I love the warmth and the smoothness of its nights (well, at least the last nights), love to have dinner outside on the street, love the faces of many people, because they seem to be living, open-minded, interested, joyful… I think it can be great to live here. On the other hand : this town is so big, this language is so strange, so hard to understand. "

" Place de la Contrescarpe / Rue Mouffetard, lots of small shops and restaurants, nice area to go out, but also full of tourists. Well, what I am ? (…) I'm floating, I'm swimming in an endless ocean, with no ground under my feet, but still able to swim, though it's exhausting. I miss my roots that hold me, but I hope to get new roots soon, maybe I find some kind of nice island in this endless ocean, some place to rest, a place to burst on. "


Paris, August 27th


 Sylh 28/02/03.
Les mille et unes troublantes faces de notre fascinante capitale,
dans l'enthousiasme d'une (im)migration.